Risk Management Services

Risk Management Services
  • Securing the best possible risk arrangements with payors.
  • To increase a provider's risk members, through intense marketing and financial support.
  • Consistent monitoring of all payor capitation contracts.
  • Financially optimizing the payor contracts by sub-contracting high cost level health services.
  • Ceding risk with outside financial partners.
  • Covering liability issues on a group basis to reduce the financial liability to the individual provider.
  • Provide technological support to the provider and vendor offices.

Billing & Accounts Receivables

  • MRA - Medicare Risk Adjustment
  • Electronic Claims Submission
  • Collections & Follow-up
  • Procedure & Diagnosis Coding
  • Pricing
  • Payor Compliance

Financial Management &
Professional Administration

  • Managed Care Contract Review
  • Payroll Services
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Overhead Management
  • Medical Transcriptions

Consulting Services

  • Personnel Management ~ HR
  • Medical Chart Audit Services
  • Compliance Performance Review (CPR)

Information Management

  • On-site Scheduling
  • POS ~ Electronic Medical Records Support
  • Statistical Performance Information

Victor Behar
Chief Executive Officer

Jose Blanco Jr., BSEE
Chief Technology Officer

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